the birth of a nation 2

 A true story of Nat Turner, a literate slave and preacher, who after witnessing countless atrocities against fellow slaves, led a liberation movement in 1831 that led to a violent retaliation from whites.

the birth of a nation1

the birth of a nation4

the birth of a nation3

The Birth of a Nation1

the birth of a nation5

Genre: Drama, Biography
Director: Nate Parker
Cast: Nate Parker, Gabrielle Union      Armie Hammer, Aja Naomi King, Jackie Earle Haley,Coleman Domingo, Roger Guenveur Smith, Mark Boone Junior, Chike Okonkwo

Release Date: TBA 2016

This is not the remake of the  1915 which was originally called ( the Clansman ) and 1983 film that’s of the same name. This is certainly a must watch film coming 2016


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11 Responses to THE BIRTH OF A NATION ( 2016 )

  1. Sometimes, watching these slavery based movies can be rough on someone :/

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  2. donnamarie says:

    I’ll definitely be checking this out!

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  3. kinneret says:

    Looks impressive. Yes, agree with your other reader– certain movies are very difficult for some people to watch. My husband can’t watch any Holocaust movies because his family was murdered by the Nazis. This story looks like it will be painful to watch but an important story long overdue in film.

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