The true story of Newton Knight, a soldier for the Confederacy during the Civil War who became disillusioned with the South’s cause, fled the battlefield, rallied supporters, and declared a safe haven in an area of southeastern Mississippi in opposition to the Confederacy.


M2Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Gugu Mbatha-Raw,Keri Russell & Mahershala Ali

Genres: War Film, Thriller, Drama & History Film

Release Date; March 11, 2016

Matthew McConaughey as a farmer leading a confederate rebellion, that’s something……………

Cheers To The Free State Of Jones


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4 Responses to THE FREE STATE OF JONES ( 2016 )

  1. Mick says:

    Loved the books the movie is based on. It’s crazy that the story of Newton and Rachel Knight and the Knight Company’s rebellion against the Confederacy has been largely reduced to an historical footnote. But it shows how much the “Lost Causers” hate the fact that many Southerners were opposed to the Confederacy and refused to fight to defend the wealth of the slaveowning planter class. Looking forward to this movie.

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  2. I live i n jones county for a while now. My brother got a bit part in it. He lost his arm when he was six. He played a wounded confederate or whatever, guess in background or however it was. Said for a few days just before dawn, messy and cold. I never knew about story around here.

    They were mostly standing around. Scenes he was in probably edited out. Paid $250, but had to drive to where it was shooting, he paid his own expenses. Did not come ahead money wise.

    Did see Matthew McConaughey but didn’t talk to him.

    His wife talking to my mother said they called him back to do other work. After all this time I have not asked for details. All I know he told them not interested. Said forget it rather go fishing, Which he does a lot.


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